QT50 Links


Links I’ve found that contain very important QT50 information

QT50 Malossi Kit

QT50 porting (at least a start)

qt50 gearing options

qt50 gearing and rpms explained

qt50 rear shocks

My Hopper #5 thread

Replacing crank seals without removing the engine on a QT50 – scroll to bottom of page

Installing a 60cc or greater kit on a QT50 and making it work – tips

No spark problems on QT50 and here

From the mouth of xrongor, QT50 bonanza of golden information. Scroll up to top of page and read his posts.

I made a pdf of it just in case it ever disappears from that site.

QT50 performance build with pictures

QT50 performance thread

QT50 front fork upgrade options