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A website dedicated to the Yamaha QT50 and other mopeds, mopeds and scooters. I’ve owned several Yamahoppers and also currently own a Honda Express NC50, a Honda Urban Express NU50, and a Honda Aero NB50. I created this website to share what I’ve learned about these nopeds with others and to archive photographs, videos and other information on these and other peds. I plan to document common repairs, performance upgrades, tips and tricks that I’ve come across, information on finding parts and more. I’ll learn even more from others in the moped community. Thanks for visiting and come back again often.

Latest updates:

11/19/18 – Honda Express SR performance page

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Urban Express carburetor diagrams

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11/20/17 – Yamaha qt50 with Malossi kit

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Qt50 with Towny

10/1/17 – Getting a non-running moped running video series

VM18 carb on NU50 Urban Express

5/1/17 – Biturbo exhaust on Yamaha Towny

Updated QT50 carburetor page

Updated qt50 troubleshooting page

Updated qt50 performance tuning page

Added youtube video on removing rusty exhaust bolts from qt50/mj50

Added youtube video on 1963 Peugeot BB-1 raffle bike

Video on cleaning your carburetor with a guitar string

Video on Urban Express getting a new MLM exhaust

Moped tire change video

Yamahaulin’ on the Yamaha qt50

Get your moped/noped ready for winter

QT50 and general moped trouble shooting guide