Yamaha QT50 fuel petcock

Yamaha QT50 fuel petcock – fuel shut-off – Brand new petcock for all Yamaha Qt50s. On, off and reserve positions. Built-in fuel screen and o-ring. Clear up fuel starvation problems with a more free flowing petcock or end that unpleasant, malodorous gas leak with a new petcock. Easy to install even for first-timers.

Drain tank either by opening drain valve on carburetor or by removing fuel line from carburetor and draining into an appropriate container. Detach fuel line from old petcock. Unscrew old petcock and make sure none of it stayed in the fuel tank (old petcocks are known to disintegrate and break apart). Carefully screw in new petcock. Do not use teflon tape or related products. Do not over-tighten! If your tank is old and rusty, over tightening petcock may damage your fuel tank. Reconnect fuel line. Add gas and GO! You should run a separate inline fuel filter with any petcock as the built-in fuel screen can’t trap really small particles. You may want to replace your hard and brittle fuel line while you are at it.

I have several other items for sale –

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I also carry some parts for the NC50 and NU50.