BAM Spun Aluminum Fuel Tank


I received my BAM Spun Aluminum Gas Tank today and temporarily mounted it up on the Honda Express. The old tank was leaking from the oil sight and the metal wall separating the oil and gas tanks was compromised. At first, I looked around for a used Express gas tank. Of course, people think these old gas tanks are lined with gold and charge accordingly. I then looked for a plastic mower fuel tank and while I was doing so I stumbled across these spun aluminum tanks. I was hooked after I saw it. I took a tape measure to the rear rack several times to try and determine if I could get a 4″ diameter tank to fit inside the rack. It might have worked but a 4″ tapered tank would have resulted in less fuel capacity then the original tank. So I went with a 6″ diameter tank and the plan is to mount it up on the rack as you see in the picture. They do make 3″ diameter tanks but the capacity became much too small (although those would make a great reserve tank that you could mount above your stock fuel tank if you wanted).

Many out there may question my decision but I think the OEM Honda Express gas tank has too many flaws to risk shelling out $125+ on a used one: 1) tiny 0.6 gallon capacity; 2) 35+ year old tanks tend to be rusty; 3) don’t want to deal with hassle of sealing one which may or may not work; 4) metal wall between oil and gas tanks often goes bad; 5) oil cap is always loose and subject to falling off; 6) oil sight gasket tends to go bad and leak, etc.


I still have to get an attachment so I can run a fuel line from it or hook up a petcock. I didn’t realize that was separate. I look forward to poppin’ in a gallon of gas in that 6″x10″ beast and seeing how long it will last me.

Now I need to figure out what to do with the space inside the rack.